Useful links

Committee handover document – Everything you need to know about running LUUCaS.

Trip organisation spreadsheet – Contact Webmaster for access to edit.

Union Website – For ticket sales, and member information.

See LUUCaS Google Drive – Contact Webmaster for access to edit.

Book Transport – See organisation spreadsheet to work out what’s needed.

Ticket sales request form – to put up an option on the union website for people to buy tickets. 

Book union meeting rooms – Username: caving meet secretary /// Password: ticktoc123

Book university lecture halls – need 24 hr notice

Admin link to TeamUp calendar  – Click here to edit the LUUCaS calendar.

View-only link to TeamUp calendar – Send this link to keen freshers.

See LUUCaS finances – See what the current financial state of the club is here.

See the ULSA mailing list – This is where the ULSA mailing list is moderated.

Useful emails:

Committee email:

ULSA mailing list:

Union Activities contact: