Sailing in Anglesey

In the summer while traversing the Cullin ridge with James 2, I remember looking out to the islands surrounding Skye and imagining how awesome...

Trip members over the years

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A duck, a tree and a mine

… walked into a bar (not really, but it does sounds like the start of a joke) I was keen to get in some more caving trips this summer, especially as I had a few weeks off from work with no travel planned. Luckily, Janey was up for the challenge - and provided a car - so we did three shorter trips over a couple of weeks. Illusion PotSunday 29/7/23Janey Gregory, Ben Wainwright, Dave Entwistle, Ane Appelt Our first trip had two...

Little Hull Pot

Sunday 27th Aug 2023 Hugo, Adam Baldock, Ane I thought I should try out this whole ‘writing rants’ thing - and might as well start with the most recent trip, working my way backwards through the summer. I wanted to go caving. Baldock wanted to go caving. None of us have a car, however. Hugo to the rescue - but his car only seats two. So the plan was for two people to go by car, taking ropes and other gear, with...

Blessed to be an Honorary Brendan’s Boy (Canyoning Lake Como)

(Canyoning pics taken by Brendan Hall) Journey to Italy Myself, Chris and James set off from Leeds on Friday 7th July just after lunchtime in James’s VW Polo. This was a minor source of anxiety as I had only driven one car since passing my test which I had crashed into an iron post within 3 months of Chris buying it. Somehow, mine and Chris’s relationship survived me putting a significant dent into his car, but I was under no illusion...

Canyoning Holiday (Lake Como)

Prologue In the weeks preceeding Rob Watson and Nathan Walker seemed convinced our ineptitude would lead to at least one if not all of us dying on this holiday. The following account will prove otherwise. On July 7th 2023, David and I drove down to Ipswich to meet Ben and Anna at Ben's parents house, Ben had somehow convinced his parents to lend us their very nice 7-seather Volvo XC-90 4x4 SUV complete with heated massage seats for the trip....