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A fine East Kingsdale day out…

A fine East Kingsdale day out…
Saturday, 27 March 2004

After a trip to Spectacle Pot recently shezi and I managed to nearly fill a Leeds wheelie bin with plastic lids, plastic bags and metal work. Some of the bags contained what would have once been stomach turn organic material but as the stream wasn’t high enough these were left in the bags and also disposed of into the wheelie bin. Even the cats in Farsley wouldn’t touch this stuff… There is still some rusting barbed wire left in the cave but this seemed to be in the latter stages of breakdown and so was left to decay. The only other bits that were left were some short wooden stemples and a selection of bones. So the place is tidier than it was but not totally clean. I suspect that a few flushes and more visitors to this fine pothole will see the remaining bits disappear. The wooden stemples in the lower part the cave could do with being removed at some stage. We thought we ought to save those for others to enjoy bringing out, not wanting to be too selfish and already being over burdened with several tackle sacks of rubbish. Spectacle does have several significant advantages over the most of the caves in West Kingsdale namely that you’d never have any party in front of you in the cave. Secondly unlike many cave it has what can only be described an ever deepening pitch (loose poo pit might also apply!), this is where you land on the Great Rumble heap and it moves with you as you go down the last bit of the cave to the head of the final pitch.


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