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Magnetometer Pot – Pendant Passage

Magnetometer Pot – Pendant Passage
Saturday, 24 June 2006

Could have got off the train at Clapham, stayed at Greenclose, gone to pub with OAPs and then enjoyed a leisurely trip down Bar Pot.
Instead I decided to continue onto Leeds, crashed the No. 4 barbeque, drank their beer until 3.00am and was then talked into a trip down Magnetometer…
Quick trip down to Caton Hall and into Rough Crawl, turning upstream to a canal and 3 metre climb up into Purgatory Passage. Sam Allshorn led the way through several squeezes and to a 5 metre climb down into Pendant passage. The size and majesty of this magnificent streamway has to be seen to be believed! The aim was to drop the final pitch and look at its continuation, which Northern Caves noted as being too tight.

Sam Allshorn was duly forced down the ladder, belayed to a handy chisel jammed in the roof, past a vicious squeeze to note the continuation as being too tight.
Sam Allshorn for some reason decided to strip off before climbing the pitch.
Then returned to rough crawl via Heaven, whilst Sam Allshorn and Mike went down to the sump I ran away. Good trip.
Speaking to Andy Tharratt in the pub later that evening, turned out he and Steve Tooms had a look at the Sam Allshorne passage in the 1980s…


I spoke to Mr T about this and they never managed the squeeze down to the bottom of the pitch. The survey is incorrect as the water flows the other way from the bottom of the pitch along the lower
part of the rift you have just come along.

Sam Allshorn

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

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