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Toyland Surveying and 3D Photography Trip

Toyland Surveying and 3D Photography Trip
Sunday, 29 April 2007

After the successful surveying workshop the previous day, and a long breakfast in Ingleton, it was finally decided to go back to Valley Entrance and have a leisurely trip up into Toyland. I had a new 3D cave photography setup to try out, and we could do a bit of surveying too. Rapid progress was made to the bottom of the rift climb up into Toyland, and while Chris set off up the climb to rig the ladder, I got Karen to kneel in the stream with Rose and Tom holding flashes and subjected her to about 100 photographs while I messed about with the camera settings to get things working.

We then climbed up into Toyland, and while the others went to look up Cascade Inlet I got out my camera gear and looked around for a good place to try it. The actual chamber in Toyland did not lend itself well to 3D photography, as it is mostly open space with no objects placed at different distances. The crawl up Cascade Inlet looked much more promising so I set up there and waited for the others to return. They were each subjected to a thorough photography session before I was happy and packed up the gear. We then surveyed the chamber, and back down the rift climb to tie in to the existing data for the crawls at the bottom. Exited the cave after about 4 hours to a lovely sunny afternoon.
Where is the mention of me having to lie in very cold water for the pictures to hold the flash???
Rose Wilson
Saturday, 05 May 2007

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