Sunday, 29 September 2013

The forecast was looking good and the sun was shining. Chris, Warren and Matt met us at the chapel and we sorted gear. Matt and Warren headed to the Parkinson steps to gather the freshers onto the bus while Maz, Chris and I set off for Ilkley.

When we arrived at the Cow and Calf we quickly claimed a face of the quarry. Two ladders and an abseil rope were rigged, with everything backed up several times.
Word was received that many freshers were on their way. Sure enough, about 25 freshers appeared at the bottom of the ladders. Chris and I lifelined them up the ladders, while Matt got them abseiling back down. Maz, Warren, Tom and Ann helped at the bottom by teaching ladder climbing technique, sorting out the lifelines and chatting to the freshers. Rose and Nick turned up partway through to help out as well.

All but two freshers made it up the ladders and back down the abseil, with several choosing to repeat the experience. Eventually we packed up and headed to the Midland in Ilkley, were a few pints were consumed. Afterwards we retired to the Old Bar for food and more beer.

This was the most successful laddermeet I have attended. It was good to see lots of the freshers at the ‘give it a go’ event the weekend after.


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