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Dow Cave

Dow Cave
Saturday, 30 November 2013

This was the weekend of the YUCPC Christmas meal (roughly an equivalent of the ULSA dinnermeet). We stayed at the bunkhouse in Halton Gill so a local trip was required.
We had several recruits for the Dow Cave trip. It probably helped that most of the other planned trips were miles away, guaranteeing a late return. We arrived bright and early at Park Rash and made our way to the entrance.

The streamway was as enjoyable as always. It was nice to take time to enjoy it rather than hurry through after leaving Dowbergill Passage. Eventually we reached Hobson’s Choice and everybody was sent up through the choke.

There was a mild amount of faff in the chamber at the top of the choke as I had forgotten the way on. Fortunately the others found it and continued upstream.
Maz and I turned around here and went back down through the choke. We ventured into the end of Dowbergill Passage where the water was no warmer than usual. Back in Dow Cave, we headed downstream at a leisurely pace.

The others caught up with us just before the entrance and we walked back to the cars. The early finish allowed for a visit to Zarina’s tea shop in Kettlewell.
Later that evening a group in Hagg Gill had failed to make contact and their callout time was approaching fast, causing some concern. Fortunately they appeared very close to callout time so the Upper Wharfedale weren’t dragged out of the pubs…


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