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Doolin River Cave, St. Catherines (1) to Fisherstreet Pot

Doolin River Cave, St. Catherines (1) to Fisherstreet Pot
Saturday, 4 April 2015

After a drink filled night (Irish student cavers seem to drink Buckfast…a particularly disgusting choice that isn’t even that cheap) I woke to find chaos everywhere and various people wanting to to caving (but just sitting and eating).

Out of the chaos came an offer of a trip with the Cardiff Underground Navigational Team down Doolin river cave (previously recommended by Mike and T.S.); in St. Catherines and out Fisherstreet pot. After various faff I was told that I would be navigating (as I’d been shown the entrance); because of this we took the scenic route to Doolin. Whilst Fisherstreet was prerigged I proceeded to get changed prompting ‘interesting’ looks from tourists. Prerigging done we headed up to St. Catherines.

Following various faff with moving cars around (so we’d be able to drive back) we headed up the lane, asking at the farm and onto the cave. A short (far more pleasant than the guidebook suggests) crawl saw us into the main stream way. This made up most of the trip; mostly stomping river passage (with eels and fish) with some crawls and climbs as a happy diversion; it only smelt slightly of poo in places. An hour and a half later saw us arrive at the bottom of Fisherstreet (a pleasant ~10m pot) where we headed up; with some faff as we’d only dropped 2 SRT kits down the pitch.

A thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable trip; ‘One of the classic systems of Co. Clare with great variety’. Following the trip we retired to McGans; where some of the best chips (half way between a crisp and a chip) in existence and liquid refreshment where consumed.

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