Wednesday, 27 April 2016
It was my week break so a mid week caving trip was on the agenda.
We headed up to the dales in the afternoon and were headed underground just after 8pm. I started the rigging and we moved slowly down the FTSE choke, having read reports of this moving. Not sure it is or not but i’m not convinced of the shoring on the final tier. Looks a bit crap and if it goes the rest of the cave will get blocked. A good project for someone with some scaffolding skills….
At Electron we swapped rigging duties and were soon at the bottom of Megatron. A quick pit stop, then we headed out derigging the other ones rigging. The exit flew by with only me being a numpty and did the Stripper head first. Don’t do this. It’s not fun… especially for those who are taller than me.
I only just managed to get my legs round.
Out after a lovely 5 hour trip. Then spent the next two hours poking heads so there was no falling asleep at the wheel.


Sailing in Anglesey