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Gaping Gill
Saturday, 28 October 2017

A chaotic but fun trip had down bar; out small mammal with many freshers. An attempt was made to rig the bar pot alternative (https://www.braemoor.co.uk/caving/route18.shtml) but a 60 m proved too short (by ~7 m) for the route, (rigged from where the route splits off from the main route) so down the normal way we went.

After various attempts by Adam Metcalf to loose his freshers (resulting in a cross Nathan) and an attempt by me to get lost (I initally went past the turning off to main chamber and headed towards SW passage and stream) we arrived at Main Chamber in time to catch daylight. After Luke got a bit excited with a soggy glove we headed out up Bar with less than expected faff. Mike Butcher was hauled up Small Mammal (the office job appears to be taking a toll) and once the last freshers were extricated we headed down the hill to Settle for red wine and takeaway.

We arrived at the NPC to find CUCC’s party in full swing; Mike demonstrated (more to himself then anyone else) that the office job hadn’t taken too much of a toll by winning the squeeze machine; in revenge Ruairidh (CUCC intellectual) proceeded to ‘accidentally’ smash a whole bottle of Mike’s wine and to cap it all off proceeded to call him creepy. Everyone proceeded to go to bed by 1am, leaving Mike & I the last ones up.


Sailing in Anglesey

A duck, a tree and a mine

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