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Hammer Pot Surveying #3

Hammer Pot Surveying #3
Saturday, 24 February 2018

Suss exped training weekend, what better training than some actual caving? A quick one in Hammer.

Fountains Fell was unbelievably cold, clear conditions yielded excellent views over towards Morecambe. Bitter winds meant a speedy jog across the fell. Where normally there are a few unpleasant drips, the entrance was barred shut with icicles, very impressive. Hardly a trickle in the entrance series. Olly’s first time down Hammer, made fine work of Stemple Rift, soon down the fourth pitch – again very dry where normally at least a bit of splashing is expected.

Started the survey from junction with ‘unexplored’ side passage. Easy passage made for pleasant surveying to the bottom of the fifth pitch, another 71m of survey. Ready to start (and hopefully finish) Sludge Crawl on next trip. 4 hours underground.

*Note – Rope for last pitch currently stashed at head of first pitch, must remember to take krabs


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