Having made noises about caving the previous week it was decided we’d have to go caving so Luke and I got the ropes from chapel so we were locked in. After an early (ish) start, beating Mike out of the house we managed to avoid most of the morning traffic and arrived at the lay-by by about 11, motivation was not high and my gear was still went from the previous day…oh dear…

After a quick pootle up the fell we found the entrance, (well…Luke found the entrance) and we set off down. We got down to the stripper where I spent a while working out what to do, past here we got to Megatron and made the shortest person rig the biggest y-hang. We decided we couldn’t be bothered to do ‘the genuine collectors item’ (the alternative shaft to megatron) as it sounded a bit deathey and headed out. On the way out I was quite pathetic (I know now I was getting ill as opposed to just being pathetic), making several of the climbs look far harder than they were, I was quite glad to get out, trot down the hill and finally finish the ~ kg bag of mixed fruit I’d purchased some days ago.


Sailing in Anglesey

A duck, a tree and a mine

Little Hull Pot