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I’ll pay you to tresspass on my land AKA Sheep tipping

I’ll pay you to tresspass on my land AKA Sheep tipping
Thursday, 3 April 2008

An evening on Fountains fell started fine with the farmer passing us and heading into the field we were just about to walk across without permission. Once at the Echo Pot field having not seen the farmer again, a sheep was found in a bit of a state on it’s back, so i rolled it over. said sheep had been like that for a while. Beardy and Mike suggested i go and tell the farmer so off i went leaving Mike and Beardy to to joys of 25 poles and that duck.

Found the farmer and showed him where the sheep was and found a second a little further on, I rolled it over and it ran away. Sheep being stuck on their back is to do with this breed being very square and heavy during lambing apparently. He then gave me money! £3 isn’t a lot admittedly but it was obviously worth a lot more to him. So improving caver farmer relations. He seemed very pleased to have his sheep rolled over and that i’d gone and found him.

I then found Beardy and Mike passing the last of the poles through the duck. So a slow advance was made and Mike B went and de-rigged ready for the “transporting” of poles down the pitches. Beardy enjoyed the ducks Sam Allshornpling the water in a fashion similar to wine tasting. An age was spent hauling sliding and finally throwing joints through the crawl to the head of Jack Pot. All but two poles are down and 71 joints at the head of the pitch.


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