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Growling Hole-Fatboy Slim
Saturday, 19 April 2008

A fine trip to the bottom after Tom described in detail the affects of falling over 70m down a vertical shaft whilst i was hanging from bolts over the 70m black void. The main outcome after Tom’s description can be summarised as a gooey splat. The stainless steel spits make a nice change from the rusty spits and old ladder hangers.

Some frantic digging was under taken with the rigging spanner to enlarge the squeeze and I had Noah provide a footing to force myself along the crawl as far as possible. After some effort more digging was needed some further effort and still not quite through. So whilst i removed my furry suit, Noah had a crack. This once large member of ULSA renowned for his curry consumption has under taken a reduction in food intake with what are truly remarkable affects. The now thinest member of the team eased himself for the upper part of the passage going to the the end and stood in the small chamber. There appeared to be noway on. Noah returned and I dug some more. Another desperate attempt from me allowed me to gain a full view of the chamber but unable to get into it. Noah then kindly pulled me out by my feet. Tom had a crack and ripped his furry in his attempt.

Tom then derigged after Holly and Noah headed the out. I found the pair at top of the second pitch but they didn’t hear me arrive until an organic sound and aroma announced my arrival. A fine pint in the Marton followed but none of us could feel our hands even after about an hour in the pub because of the cold water in the entrance canal. The new bolts don’t affect the rope lengths in Not for the Faint Hearted. 55m and 40m ropes.


I see you posted this as soon as possible to avoid much ridicule from another member of the party!
Holly Bradley

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


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