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Saturday, 7 February 2009

A fine day for lost johns.

Rob rigged the first three pitches and Tom and Noel leap frogged us and set off along down Candle and Shistol using a range of knots to go and do the round trip described in not for the faint hearted normally accessed from Boxhead.

Some combined tactics were required to get up the two 10 foot pitches of Doom Junction so we could get into Zigzag Passage. A fine trip to the bottom of Monastery ensued with Rob getting some practice at narrow footholdless traversing. On the way back the large number to fleeces that Rob was wearing provided more problems than just making him hot as he reversed the narrow section.
A fine trip continued to groundsheet junction and a quick trip downstream ended for Mr C where more then mid high was getting wet. Rob wanted to go to the end so I followed and provided ear piecing squeals as Rob led on through Long Pool. On reaching the sump a hasty retreat followed and we court up with Mr C at Groundsheet Junction with me insisting on a hasty exit so to allow me to regain feeling in the region below my chest. Rob seemed unphased by the testicle inverting cold water, probably due to the excessive number of fleeces he was wearing and having been warmed earlier in the trip. Any how Rob headed out first with Mr C in hot pursuit and me dragging up the rear with the joy of not having to derig. Tom and Noel emerge an hour later having done their trip and derigged.
A cracking day out. Although snowy on the tops the roads were totally clear.

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