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Ireby Once Again

Ireby Once Again
Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ireby once again.

Several members of the Black Rose had offered to help drag some bags. Mike set off with Rob Stafford (ULSA) to set up drag trays and the like ahead of willing help. Having prepared the trays Duncan and Pete (2 of the 3 that were said to be coming) were found having dragged by hand all the bags from the first corner to the pitch head. We set to clearing all the other bags. This went well and after a while a leap frog approach was taken and the bags a little further in were recovered. Alex arrived lacking a jammer. Beardy and Helen arrived. After about 2.5 hours of dragging Duncan and Pete decided to call it a day, even after Mikes attempts at persuasion, but Alex opted to stay.

Alex, Helen and Mike continued clearing bags towards ireby 1, Beardy, Rob and I started on the other 67 to go the other way. Having cleared the main blockage of 40 bags to a more suitable stacking space we returned for a late but much needed lunch. Helen cheered to the thought of heading out as Beardy arrived; Mike set too with his persuasion convinced Helen that it wouldnt take that long to finish the job off. So with three committed two convinced and one without a choice we head back to the Ireby 2 end of the crawl. The 27 bags that littered the first part of the passage were slowly pulled through the low awkward section while Mike, Helen and Alex set too on the last legs. Having cleared all the low sections of bags Beardy and Rob helped Helen and I leap frogged Mike to empty bags down the pitch and swap with Alex. A slow exit was made as swapping jammers is not a cost effective way of caving! All in all a fine day out that has cleaned this fine passage.

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