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Penyghent Pot
Saturday, 7 May 2011

Jason and I, plus Rick Stanton had a quick trip down on thursday evening to rig all the pitches and carry some gear in ready for a push dive. Water levels were very low, and the sump looking continental. 4hr trip with 30mins spent at sump fettling kit.

Andy and I assisted Jason down to the sump on the saturday, where some time was spent sorting kit and after assisting Jason into the sump Andy and I retreated to the chamber and climbed into the mountain shelter expecting a 2hr wait.

Unfortunately, Jason returned 15mins later having aborted the dive due to poor viz. Some rain on the friday evening had done the damage. And so, some kit was bagged up and Andy set off out. I helped him to myers leap, and then he carried on out while I returned to the lower streamway to get another bag.

Caught andy up at flake pitch and a steady trip out with 5 bags between 3 of us saw us back on the surface after a 7hr trip. Another fine trip down Penyghent Pot but a shame no more progress could be made.

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