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Yockenthwaite Pot

Yockenthwaite Pot
Saturday, 24 September 2011

Supposed to be a strans gill trip but still above-normal water levels and threatening weather/rain on walk up meant only a recce of the entrance series for Patrick, Simon and Andy before wandering over to Yockenthwaite Pot to round off the day. Upon arrival, disturbed a couple of owls which quickly scarpered elsewhere while we continued down the entrance pitch. Thankfully, there were no deathly smells at the bottom today and only bones were observed. Quite a healthy stream flowing down the cave today. Fossil passage was followed to the end. Not very inspiring really tbh, but soon enough the final double bend was reached and being 6ft 5in I decided i didn’t want to get stuck today so headed out. Back on the surface after 2-2.5hr trip and quickly made haste to the river to rid the gear of the

‘orrid mud. Pleasant enough day out!

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