Sunday, 28 September 2014

I had an early start to my birthday with my alarm going off at 7. The train journey was longer than usual as we were diverted via Cas Vegas, so we made it to the Chapel a bit after half past 9, where we met Chris and Matt. Matt went to shepherd the freshers onto the bus while Chris drove Maz and I to the Cow and Calf.
Last year it had been unusually sunny at the laddermeet. This year was cloudier but still far warmer and drier than we are used to.
We piled most of the ropes and ladders in/on to a plastic crate and set off up the path. Chris and I carried an end of it each. The crate was very heavy and also, unfortunately, precariously balanced. The ropes toppled off several times and we were glad when we finally reached the quarry area.
We took most of the gear up to the top and began rigging. Agh! Midges! They were everywhere! Sam Allshorn, Nicole and Annabelle appeared at this point. Numerous bowlines and alpine butterflies were tied.
As we were finishing the rigging, the others arrived along with about thirty freshers. We were anticipating a large number so had rigged two ladders and two abseils. Lincoln and I lifelined people up ladders while Chris and Sam Allshorn taught people to abseil and lifelined them down.
Nathanael took about half the freshers on a short walk at the beginning, to stop them getting bored while waiting. When they got back, Kristian and Lyndie took the other half on a walk.
Some freshers enjoyed the climb and abseil so much they repeated it! Eventually, all were done so we derigged and dragged the group to the pub.
Kristian and Lyndies walking group had not been seen for some time, but their continuing survival was established when they were located in the pub.
For once it was warm enough to sit outside, so a few pints were had in the beer garden. Eventually we made our way to Leeds, where we had curry in Akmals.
Most people who had made it to the curry disappeared afterwards, and it was a dedicated group of Maz, Matt, Kristian and I that made it to the Fenton afterwards. After a pint we went home.
Many thanks to everyone for a good day and for helping things run smoothly. Hopefully next years will be as good!

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