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Gingling Hole
Sunday, 28 February 2016

The main reason for writing this rant is to claim the 1000th rant!

It is impressive that he got himself stuck just there Gingling Pot {he means Hole}. He was carrying barely half a bag (aka a dinny bag). I suspect it was the gravitational pull of apathy that grabbed him and he hopelessly succumbed right in the narrow bit but Noel and I fought it off by pulled and pushing to remove him from is attempt to thwart the trip.

I clambered through with both the bags I was carrying. Nat and Noel passed me in Fools Paradise as I measured the ropes for the 5th, 6th and Little Pitch, with help from Holly. Then Holly and I set off along towards the Big Rift route. I now remember why it had been many years since I’d been. It is a nice trip but the canals before the 7th pitch do get you very wet and the water wasn’t very warm.
Any way we sey off to the bottom of the Big Rift the belay degrading with each pitch to arrive above the 10th pitch where once holly had descended to draw the cave in x-section I almost removed the belay and set it falling down the pitch with the rope. The wooden stemple was only suitable for loading directly downwards. With the walls slick with mud the belay loose a stud was placed. Having done this the bolts were installed and Holly ascended somewhat alarmed to find the rope had moved and was hanging in the narrowest part of the rift.

The 9th and 8th pitches were easily rigged and the 7th was also done but taking longer to find solid rock. The journey out began and was made in good time the 3 bags were quickly passed between us and the top of the Ammered Ole and the easing of the passage welcomed. The narrow rifts passed and sandwiches consumed. The tackle was heavier as the water refilled the bags in the entrance canal.

A continuing ascent lead us to the surface and a stomp across the cold fell to the car.


‘Saturday, 28 February 2004’ this trip appears to have taken place when I was 9?

Nathanael Dalton

Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Been corrected. Thank you for pointing out the error.

Sam Allshorn

Monday, 18 April 2016

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