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Sell Gill

Sell Gill
Sunday, 3 April 2016

Amy wanted to rig so with poor weather forecasted and a lack of inspiration we headed to Sell Gill. We parked behind the Crown having asked first, saying we’d pop in later for a drink (later calculations revealed the National Park carpark may have been cheaper). George still wasn’t allowed to use the toilets so he had to poo elsewhere. Anyway, after lots of faff Luke and I headed up the hill followed closely by George and Amy.

Amy rigged whilst I ‘supervised’ (snoozed), it was remarkably pleasant to do Sell Gill in a relaxed manner and hence enjoy it. Due to a small group and previously mentioned relaxation I was able to appreciate my surroundings a lot more with the traverse across and above the second pitch looking interesting. Following discussions about a new method to back up traverses (perhaps a newsletter article Luke?) we were at the bottom. Good. We looked at the duck and no one was particularly inspired so we headed out and down the Pennine way.

Luke found a high quality wank sock (a high lip) on the way down which decorated George’s aerial for the journey home. He also told us about a meal he’d cooked himself that was so greasy he had to throw up in the kitchen sink after eating it, greasy vegetables. After a quick half a pint of lemonade in the Crown (the 50p charge on the card machine discouraged more spendly purchases) we popped into the Harts Head (no charge for card purchases) for a quick pint. On the way home we had to make a toilet stop in a layby, unfortunately this wasn’t public enough for Amy so she went and pissed against someone’s fence. Curry followed. A pleasant day out with good company.


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