The initial group started off small, with plans of cycling due to the lack of space in the yellow van (Mr Smashy). With rope supplied by Nathaniel and George, there was no need to go to chapel. So efficient start to the trip going straight from Bramley to Skipton through Bingley, good solid dual carriageway and the opportunity to stop at Mc’Donalds. In Ingleton by 10 for a quick breakfast for some. Just enough parking. Faffed with rope before everyone was ready to go. The entrance was found with relative ease.

Underground by 12 pm the mere was completely dry with no lake in sight rather disappointing. The institute dive line which leads into the cave would be quite exciting if the water was at its maximum height. The cave was rigged with ease due to the lack of water, no avoidance rigging was required. 8 mm and Snapgates ✔. Stomp along the bottom until flat out crawl with unknown end hindered progress. In flat-out, crawl Mike went to the left and found a dive line into a sump. While George and Nat to the right nothing to report back. Scout up waterfall inlet (Black Shiver?) resulted in a child’s sledge being discovered, presumably there’s a dig. Then headed on out, cave rescue on the way of a stranded frog. The cave is relatively easy and quick in the dry conditions experienced. Can imagine it being a different story in the wet.

Bottom of Meregill?

Then due to there being a lot of sunlight left in the day, pint on the lawn of the Hill Inn. Discussion of the practicalities of 3 peaks 3 pots was discussed with much enthusiasm. With rules such as having to re-survey the caves on the way being considered. Early Sunday Closing meant much to my excitement that the bins were available to raid despite still being a respectable time. A big advocate for Sunday Caving.

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