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Shuttleworth Pot

After a detour through Otley and breakfast pitstop at Bernies we arrived at Bullpot Farm at a bright and early: 12:30pm! Navigating our way to the entrance was quite easy – apart from a slightly dramatic fall in the foliage by Chalmers (why does everyone say Shuttleworth is so hard to find???) Once we finished questioning why we were heading underground on such a beautiful day, we headed underground. I started off rigging the entrance pitch and then I handed off the reins to Chapmen to rig up till the head of the Divers pitch – she did a really good job for her first time! At the bottom of the Divers pitch, our trip turned into an impromptu SRT modelling shoot – ‘Stop there! Don’t move! Face your light away from me!’ Then we headed on to explore the amazing formations throughout Shuttleworth (followed by more posing). Following a snack break, we all headed up with Chalmers and I derigging. To our surprise, it was pitch black once we got out – ‘Can you take the lid off?’ ‘It is off!’ – we all forgot the clocks had gone back. We got back to the farm (shockingly without getting lost), where we washed all our rope and surprisingly ran into Brendan and his bois – their trip to Simpson’s turning into County to Wretched. 2hrs and 1 Maccies later we got back to Chapel.


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