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Lyndie met us at Inglesport for breakfast before we slid along the road to Leck fell in the mpv.  We split into two groups, those who wanted to do some rigging and those who were indifferent, the latter group followed Sam Alshorn’s rigging down centipede.  We got into the cave at 1pm after Sam H had been a unicorn.

Ane rigged the first pitch of Cathedral/Dome before Sam took over to rig Cathedral.  Either the pitch requires a rope longer than 30m, or our rope was 5m too short – slings were used to extend the traverse line when it was re-rigged.  I rigged Dome, which was followed by a lengthy chat between the top and bottom of the pitch about who should be going with me to rig the connection to sink chamber and who should continue the rigging to Dome junction.  Adam and I went to sink chamber and joined Ane and Sam at the junction.

The bottom of Valhalla was where we met the other group on their way up, where descriptions of how to find all of our rigged rope were exchanged.  We headed off down the main streamway, which turned into a mini photography trip, postponing our return until Michael was the only one left to head back up Valhalla from the other group.

A nap at the start of Battleaxe traverse was appreciated before Ane joined me, where her fenix decided to give flying a go.  Her back-up light was appreciated.  The boys de-rigged as Ane and I waited at the top of Candle and Shistol, again taking photos and discussing the state of the NHS.

Ane de-rigged the last 3 pitches of Centipede on our way out, making the trip a total of 8 hours.


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