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Old Gits Simpsons pull through

Old Gits Simpsons pull through
Sunday, 27 August 2006

Just to prove that caving actually does take place at the Old Gits annual bank holiday BBQ; Tim, the Ians and Rob did a pull through of Simpsons. The trip got underway typically slowly with a start in the Inglesport caff and a quick trip into Valley Entrance to leave a rope before bumping into Alf Latham at the entrance to the cave. Alf seemed pleased to meet some cavers with a connection to ULSA and spent some time telling us all about the ULSA people he used to cave with, some of whom had turned up to the BBQ. Alf is currently touting for interest in a dig he has in mind in Whitescar cave so we pointed him in the direction of more active cavers and suggested he register with this website.
Apart from Brownpig leading the way into the Storm Pot Pit even though Tim kept on saying “are you sure we don’t traverse over this?” and a 15 minute delay whilst Tim had to be posted through at Slit Pot (Tim’s not as thin as he used to be), the trip went smoothly. Beers were partaken at the Marton Arms before a return to a storm lashed campsite at Austwick.


Clearly a case of nearly being caught out by the new postal rates where size is as important as weight.

David Brock

Wednesday, 30 August 2006


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