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Craftsmans Pot: The re-opening

Craftsmans Pot: The re-opening
Saturday, 12 February 2011

After an embarassingly long spell away from craftsmans, 5 day trips during the last week and a half (3 solo, one with my dad, and a final one with Tom baker) has seen the cave re-opened and a new entrance, a ~5-6 m scaffolded shaft in the middle of the shakehole. This essentially enters the top of a small, unstable aven previously gained via the old entrance, but from which the regular slumps of glacial fill were originating.

The old entrance is also now open again, and so both allow access to the cave.
One more day should see a lid in place and the entrance secure. Until then care is required if entering via the scaffolded shaft!
Thanks to all who have helped at various times, and Sam Allshorn for kicking my arse into getting it finished!


Now has a lid on it!


Mike Bottomley

Tuesday, 08 March 2011

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