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Cliff Force Cave

Cliff Force Cave
Saturday, 6 October 2012

It having been at least 12 years since my last and only trip in here, you know what…..I fancied another visit!!! After entering the cave, infrequent flashbacks of reading the description an hour earlier ensured we made it through the entrance series and into the main streamway. A short while was spent looking for way into Fault Hall after confusion in what i/we remembered from the guidebook, but once in quick progress saw us at sump 1. Steady exit saw us out in no time and after a quick wash in the stream, a course was set for hot chocolate and chocolate and guinness cake in Hawes, and succeed in reaching our destination we most definitely did!!! Yum!

Good trip, and nice to get out in the northern dales, well, underground for that matter given the summer deluges.

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