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County-Wretched Monday caving


An efficient 15 minutes at Chapel made for a promising start to the day, followed by finding a pheasant on the road to the farm made it even better.  Realising we forgot to set a call-out, and after a run up a hill failing to find any signal, we managed to get into the farm to use the phone.  30 mins later we set off across the fell, getting underground for before 1.  The journey to Poetic Justice was swift, but the climb up it was not.  Mel cursed a bit and Emma was happy to see it as a challenge.  For the return up Wretched Rabbit, Mel and Emma took the lead, with the only issue being the tackle sack deciding it didn’t want to fit down a lot of the streamway passages.

In and out in 3.5 hours, including a poke around stop pot.  A thoroughly enjoyable, efficient trip.